Contratopia Tunebook
(Original Reels, Jigs, Waltzes and Airs)

(Featuring tunes from Contratopia's CDs, Hands Four, Ballroom Echoes, Smitten and more)
by John Goodin & Erik Sessions

The Contratopia Tunebook was first published in 2001 in response to a number of requests from people we would meet on our early tours who would ask how they could get copies of some of the original tunes we were playing at dances. The book has 33 pages of music and includes 57 tunes in standard notation w/chord symbols. Many of the tunes appear on our three CDs but there are several others that we have played regularly as well and just haven't gotten around to recording yet. None of the waltzes in this book are repeated in my 31 Waltzes book.

Thirteen of these tunes were written by fiddler Erik Sessions and, except for his "It Ain't the Heat, It's the Humidity" (which appears in the first Portland Collection), this is the only place you can find any of his great tunes in print. The Contratopia Tunebook includes, among others, his very popular waltz, "Ms. P's Waltz" and his beautiful slow air, "Oak Woods Song."

Click here to view a pdf of the title page, table of contents and Foreword. Click here for a sample pair of jigs from the book.

The book is produced here in my shop and is usually available in print from the band at our gigs but I will be glad to sell you a PDF copy of the book for only $6. Alternatively, I can print a copy and send it to you for $12, including postage, in the United States. You can purchase a copy by clicking on the appropriate Paypal button below or by contacting me via email. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase I will send you a refund.

PDF copy ($6)
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Printed copy, postpaid within the United States ($12)

John Goodin, November, 2010

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Created on November 28, 2010