Midwestern Mandolin Duos
(29 easy to intermediate pieces for two mandolins)

by John Goodin

"Two mandolins are often better than one. In harmony, in tune, a pair of mandolins can produce a sound like no other. I love to play mandolin duos and I have ventured to compose a few myself. This collection contains twenty-nine pieces that I have either written specifically for two mandolins or that I have arranged for mandolin duo.

I think of the music presented here as falling into three main categories: 1) simple fiddle tunes with a second part added; 2) pieces of a more "classical" nature; 3) pieces that reflect my interest in early music, especially 18th century duos.

The tunes in Category 1 ("Alice's", "Bighorn", "Smitten", etc.) all have guitar chord symbols included so that more players can join in if desired. The pieces in Category 2 are sometimes very simple ("Clifty Falls", "Stonehead") but can be a little more complicated ("Turn of the Century, A & B", "Sometimes"). The early music pieces are either vaguely medieval ("Pilgrim Dance", "Woodhaven") or intentionally in imitation of 18th century composers like James Oswald or William Bates.

Most of these pieces can also be played on a variety of other treble clef instruments, especially violin. I hope you enjoy playing some of them as much as I enjoyed writing them." (from the Introduction)

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Published by Rosie and Earl Music (ASCAP)

Midwestern Mandolin Duos contains 50 pages of music in standard notation. Ten of the easier pieces also include chord symbols. I will be glad to sell you a PDF copy for only $5 or I can print a copy for you and send it to you for $12, including postage, in the United States. You can purchase a copy by clicking on the appropriate Paypal button below or by contacting me via email. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase I will send you a refund.

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John Goodin, November, 2010

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Created on November 26, 2010