St. Francis and the Birds (for mandolin quartet or ensemble)

by John Goodin (2018)

St. Francis and the Birds (for mandolin quartet or ensemble) is a four part arrangement of a tune that I probably first wrote down sometime in the 1980s. It appears as melody with chords in the Contratopia Tunebook and I added a harmony part in 2012 and posted it to my So Many Tunes blog.

This version of the piece for mandolin ensemble came about because earlier in the summer of 2018 I created a four part version for SATB recorder ensemble and posted it to So Many Tunes. A friend in England asked about adapting it for mandolins and this is the result.

While I have written 25 or 30 pieces for mandolin orchestra (with more to come) I often hear from players who gather in smaller ensembles. I have arranged a number of short tunes (jigs, reels, waltzes, etc.) in other collections as trios with two mandolin parts and guitar chords. This piece, however, was written to accomodate a wider range of mandolin family options (including an option for guitarists who don't mind playing a single note line). The piece can played by 3 mandolins and an octave mandolin; or two mandolins, with a CGDA mandola replacing the third mandolin and a guitar, mandocello or octave mandolin playing the bottom part. Of course you are welcome to try any combination that works for your group.

As you can see I am presenting this sheet music under a Creative Commons License. My intention is to make it clear that you can use the written music for any non-commercial purpose as long as proper attribution is given. I would, however, very much like to know of any performances of this music for my records.

John Goodin, July, 2018

PDF score : PDF parts : MP3 (home recording with 3 mandolins and 1 octave mandolin)

This music is free for your use as outlined in the Creative Commons License below but I am, with some hesitation, offering the opportunity to make a small donation via PayPal (whether you have a PayPal account or not) to help support this kind of publishing. Print out the music, try it with your group, it really is free. If you want to make a donation any amount is fine. You might consider asking each member of your orchestra or ensemble to donate a dollar, or you could "pass the hat" at a rehearsal or performance. No donation is necessary, my main interest is in sharing the music.

It's also perfectly all right to send a donation via personal check to: John Goodin, 408 Center Ave., Decorah, IA 52101.

Creative Commons License
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Created on ... August 1, 2018