Western Home Polka
(for mandolin orchestra)

by John Goodin

At the 2015 Convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America, held in Austin, Texas, the host Austin Mandolin Orchestra presented an entire concert of recently composed works for mandolin orchestra. Orchestra Director Joel Hobbs had asked me to compose a piece for this concert during a conversation at the 2014 CMSA meeting in Portland, Oregon and this Western Home Polka is the result. I was extremely honored to have my piece included in the concert.

After the Austin Mandolin Orchestra performance a number of CMSA members asked me about the music for this piece. I didn't make a list while my memory was fresh but I have sent the piece to a couple of orchestras already. Here I am making the score available for download, free of charge, and I am offering the opportunity to order the instrumental parts for a modest fee. This is a change from my previous practice of making both score and parts freely available, while offering the option of making a donation via PayPal. This way is both simpler for me to set up and, hopefully, easier for you to navigate. I will offer a full refund if, after purchasing the parts, you are dissatisfied for any reason. The $30 price is in line with what my German publisher (Trekel) charges for my pieces in their catalog.

Click here to view and download the score.

Published by Rosie and Earl Music (ASCAP)

$30 for PDF copies of orchestra parts: mandolin 1 & 2, mandola (both CGDA, alto clef and octave mandolin, treble clef), guitar, mandocello and bass.

(When PayPal notifies me of your payment I will send you the parts attached to an email. I will include a statement verifying that this is a one-time payment which allows you and your group to create as many copies of the parts as necessary for your use.)

John Goodin, November 4, 2015

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Created on November 4, 2015