CMSA 2006 Workshop: 18th Century English and Scottish Music for Mandolin

Presented in Louisville, KY on October 20, 2006 by John Goodin

CMSA workshop

(Photo couresty of David Betts)

Here is a list of the sources for the music presented at the workshop with links to PDF files of the music itself.

Bates, William. Eighteen Duettino's for Two Guittars; Two French Horns, or Two Clarinetts, London, c. 1770. (All 18 of these Duettinos are presented at this link.) (Here is a home recording of the Duettino XV that was played during the workshop.)

Bremner, Robert. Instructions for Playing the Guitar, with a collection of airs, songs and duets fitted for that instrument, Edinburgh, c. 1758.
(The Highland March)

Light, Edward. The Art of Playing the Guittar, London, c. 1785.
(A Duet for two Guittars or a Guittar and a Violin)

Schumann, Frederic Theodor. A second Set of Lessons for one and two Guittars, London, c. 1765. (Andante)

Straube, Rudolf. Three Sonatas for the Guittar with accompaniments for the Harpsichord or Violoncello composed by R. Straube, with an addition of two Sonatas for the Guittar accompanyd with the Violin, likewise a choice collection of the most favorite English, Scotch and Italian Songs for one or two Guittars of different authors, Properly adapted for that Instrument; also Thirty two Solo Lessons by Several Masters, London, c. 1768. [Facsimile reprint published in 1979 by Chanterelle.] (Allegro)

Below are links to collections of music composed by James Oswald that were the subject of a workshop at the 2005 CMSA meeting in Denver:

Eighteen Divertimento's for two Guitars or two Mandelins by James Oswald
Twelve Divertimentis for the Guitar by James Oswald

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