Arrangements of classical pieces for mandolin-family instruments

collected, transcribed and/or arranged by John Goodin

Here are some transcriptions of pieces by J.S. Bach and G.P. Telemann arranged for mandolin or mandolin ensemble.

J.S. Bach

From the Inventions and Sinfonias for keyboard, commonly known as the 2 and 3 part inventions. Arranged for two mandolins and guitar. In most cases an octave mandolin can play the guitar part. (I have chosen not to include ornamentation. There are many printed editions and recordings of these pieces you can consult for guidance in this area.)

Sinfonia no. 1 in C major (pdf sheet music) ; Sinfonia no. 3 in D major (pdf sheet music)
Sinfonia no. 4 in D minor (pdf sheet music) ; Sinfonia no. 6 in E major (pdf sheet music)
Sinfonia no. 7 in E minor (pdf sheet music) ; Sinfonia no. 12 in A major (pdf sheet music)
Sinfonia no. 13 in A minor (pdf sheet music)

G.P. Telemann

Four duets from some of Telemann's many sonatas for 2 flutes. While certainly playable in their original keys I have transposed each piece down in order to take advantage of the mandolin's lower range.

Allegro from Opus 2, Sonata no. 1 (pdf sheet music) ; Affettuoso from Opus 2, Sonata no. 2 (pdf sheet music)
Vivace from Opus 2, Sonata no. 2 (pdf sheet music) ; Dolce from Opus 2, Sonata no. 3 (pdf sheet music)

In 1732 and 1733 Telemann published 36 Fantaisies pour le clavessin in three groups of twelve. Here are two movements from two of these keyboard pieces arranged for mandolin and octave mandolin or guitar.

Allegro from Fantasia no. 1 (pdf sheet music)
Vivace from Fantasia no. 25 (pdf sheet music)

Also in 1732-1733 Telemann published a set of "Twelve Fantasias" for transverse flute without bass. Here are two short movements from this collection especially suitable for solo mandolin.

Allegro from Fantasie no. 1 (pdf sheet music)
Allegro from Fantasie no. 2 (pdf sheet music)

Workshop on "Telemann and the Mandolin Revisited" presented on Oct. 16, 2008 in Longueuil, Quebec at the annual convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America.

In 1728 Telemann published his first collection of "Seven plus Seven plus One" minuets (Sept fois sept et un menuet) for keyboard or solo instrument with accompaniment. I have transcribed all fifty of these pieces and will be presenting them in a variety of arrangements. Here are nos. 1,3 & 15 arranged for mandolin and classcial guitar, along with computer-generated "performances" in mp3 format.

Minuet no. 1 (pdf sheet music) (mp3) ; Minuet no. 3 (pdf sheet music) (mp3) ; Minuet no. 15 (pdf sheet music) (mp3)

Here is a PDF booklet that contains the melodies for the complete collection of 50 Menuets:
Fifty Menuets (1728) for solo mandolin, violin, oboe, recorder or flute (Sept fois sept et un menuet) (pdf sheet music)

Here is a PDF booklet with the 50 Menuets from 1728 arranged for two treble clef instruments:
Fifty Menuets (1728) for two Mandolins or Violins; or Oboe, Recorder or Flute with Mandolin or Violin (Sept fois sept et un menuet) (pdf sheet music)

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