Mandolin Orchestra and Ensemble compositions by John Goodin

Pomeroy Mandolin

The Louisville Suite: Up River Road, Cave Hill, Locust Grove (1990, published by Joachim Trekel Musikverlag in 1995)

Heavens On Earth: New Harmony, Equity, Shakertown (1994, published by Joachim Trekel Musikverlag in 2004)

Bethlehem On the Ohio (2001) (mandolin orchestra score and parts)

Cathedral Hill (orchestra version 2001, quartet version 2011) (mandolin orchestra & mandolin quartet score and parts)

Wedding March Set (2002) (mandolin orchestra & mandolin quartet score and parts)

Another Late Spring in Iowa: Easter Waltz & Highlandville, May 14, 2004 (mandolin orchestra score and parts)

Smitten (mandolin orchestra version created for the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra in 2005) (mandolin orchestra score and parts)

The Blue House (created for Enigmatica in 2005, mandolin orchestra version, 2009)

The Waltz Lesson (2008) (mandolin orchestra score and parts)

Last Call at Hawley-Cooke (created for the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra's 20th anniversary in 2008) (mandolin orchestra score and parts)

Antonina (created for the 2010 CMSA convention in Seattle, dedicated to Antonina Nigrelli) (published by Joachim Trekel Musikverlag in 2015, score and parts available here)

Off to Minnesota (mandolin orchestra version created for the Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra in 2010) (mandolin orchestra score and parts)

Poets in Time (commissioned by Douglas Back for the Fretworks ensemble, 2011)

The Pleasant Peninsula (commissioned by the Kalamazoo Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra, 2011)

Two for Texas (commissioned by ONI & the Rio Brazos Recorder Trio, 2012)

Schroeder's Idea (commissioned by the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra for their 25th anniversary in 2013)

Tales from Otter Creek (commissioned by the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra, 2014)

The North Georgia Hills (commissioned by the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra, 2015) (published by Joachim Trekel Musikverlag in March 2016, score and parts available here)

The Western Home Polka (commissioned by the Austin Mandolin Orchestra, 2015; premiered at the 2015 CMSA convention in Austin) (mandolin orchestra score and parts)

Driftless (commissioned by the 2017 Carlo Aonzo Mandolin Workshop)

I have written several pieces for mandolin orchestra since the formation of the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra in 1988 and I have been very fortunate that so many mandolin orchestras around the world have chosen to play, or even commission, one or more of the 19 pieces listed here. I am especially honored that the Joachim Trekel Musikverlag was kind enough to publish my first two pieces and that so many conductors (Keith Harris in particular) have chosen to introduce these pieces to their orchestras. Trekel has also recently published Antonina (2015) and has contracted with me to publish The North Georgia Hills as well.

I am always amazed when I hear from someone in an orchestra in Japan or Greece or Kalamazoo or Seattle who is working on something that I composed and I am delighted when I receive a concert program or even a live recording from one of these groups. With the exception of the compositions published by Trekel a number of the other pieces listed above can be viewed and downloaded from this page within the guidelines of the Creative Commons license described below.

For several years I have been offering these self-published pieces, both scores and parts, completely free of charge while using PayPal as a way to facilitate optional donations. I am very grateful for the generous donations that have come my way but I am exploring other approaches and may make some changes in the future. Stay tuned for further developments.

Optional Donation

This music is free for your non-commercial use as outlined in the Creative Commons License below but I am, with some hesitation, offering the opportunity to make a small donation via PayPal (this is easy whether you have a PayPal account or not) to help support this kind of publishing. Print out the music, try it with your group, it really is free. If you want to make a donation any amount is fine, somewhere in the $25-$50 range has been common. However, no donation is necessary, my main interest is in sharing the music.

It's also perfectly all right to send a donation via personal check to: John Goodin, 408 Center Ave., Decorah, IA 52101.

Creative Commons License
John Goodin holds the copyright to all of these works and they are licensed here under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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