Cathedral Hill (for mandolin orchestra, 2001 & mandolin quartet, 2011)

by John Goodin

Cathedral Hill (for mandolin orchestra) is an arrangement for mandolin orchestra of a fiddle tune that I wrote at the Classical Mandolin Society of America's annual convention in San Francisco in 1996. I added some new material and arranged it for mandolin orchestra in Denver in March of 2001. Later that year it was recorded by Douglas Back's Fretworks Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra as the title track of their second CD. A few other mandolin orchestras have played the piece since then but now I would like to share the music with any other mandolin or plucked string orchestras that might be interested. Please feel free to print as many copies of the score and parts as necessary for the use of your group. Also, don't hesitate to experiment with tempos and dynamics. My hope is that you will enjoy playing this music and that you will convey that enjoyment to your audiences.

Cathedral Hill (for mandolin quartet, 2011) is a quartet arrangement of the piece that I developed following the 2011 Classical Mandolin Society of America convention in Baltimore. It contains a few more measures that the earlier mandolin orchestra arrangement because it is based on a version I created for string orchestra in the summer of 2011.

As you can see I am presenting this sheet music under a Creative Commons License. My intention is to make it clear that you can use the written music for any non-commercial purpose as long as proper attribution is given. I would, however, very much like to know of any performances of this music for my records.

John Goodin, March, 2008 : October, 2011

Cathedral Hill (for mandolin orchestra)

PDF score

Mandolin 1, PDF ; Mandolin 2, PDF ; Mandola (CGDA, alto clef), PDF ; Octave Mandolin, PDF ; Guitar, PDF ; Mandocello, PDF ; Bass, PDF

Cathedral Hill (for mandolin quartet)

PDF score

Mandolin 1, PDF ; Mandolin 2, PDF ; Mandola (CGDA, alto clef), PDF ; Octave Mandolin, PDF ; Mandocello, PDF

This music is free for your use as outlined in the Creative Commons License below but I am, with some hesitation, offering the opportunity to make a small donation via PayPal (whether you have a PayPal account or not) to help support this kind of publishing. Print out the music, try it with your group, it really is free. If you want to make a donation any amount is fine. You might consider asking each member of your orchestra or ensemble to donate a dollar, or you could "pass the hat" at a rehearsal or performance. No donation is necessary, my main interest is in sharing the music.

It's also perfectly all right to send a donation via personal check to: John Goodin, 408 Center Ave., Decorah, IA 52101.

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